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Wasesa Club

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Scope and Contents

The Waśeśa Club papers are organized in eight series, Club Minutes/Summaries, Correspondence, Photographs, Printed Materials, Typescripts, Oversize (Scrapbooks), Ephemera and Miscellaneous

The Club Minutes/Summaries series comprise the discussions, events, and activities at each club meeting from 1907-1964. Duplicates of the club minutes can also be found in the scrapbooks.

The Correspondence series contains only one letter in the folders. The majority of the correspondence is found in the scrapbooks.

The Photographs series consist of individual photographs of the original charter members. These were found in the scrapbook from 1907-1934, and due to preservation concerns, have been removed from this scrapbook and placed in acid-free folders. There are also individual and group shots, however, the majority of images are found pasted, taped, or glued into the scrapbooks.

The Printed Materials contain programs and brochures from annual conventions for the South Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs.  The series has booklets produced by the Waśeśa Club that denote the annual activities, events, and membership lists. Many of these items are also pasted, taped, or glued into the scrapbooks.

The Typescripts series contain poems, songs, and some misc. materials.

The Oversize series comprises five scrapbooks that span from 1907-1982.

The Miscellaneous series contains booklets, pamphlets, and posters.

The Ephemera includes name badges and ribbons, for Waśeśa club representatives to annual South Dakota women’s conventions as well as decorations from these events.

The Printed Materials, Photographs, Ephemera, and Miscellaneous in Box 1 originally belonged to the Oversize (Scrapbooks). Many of these materials were separated during the initial process due to their deteriorating condition.

 The Scrapbooks were photocopied to prevent further damage and deterioration.

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