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Works Progress Administration - Writers Project Series

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Scope and Contents

The materials in this Collection are likely working drafts for the publications Legends of the Sioux and the South Dakota WPA magazine, MSS (Manuscripts).   Legends of the Sioux is a collection of Sioux legends complied by Sidney Bean and Wilbur Bordeaux, published by the South Dakota Writer’s Project.  MSS (Manuscripts) was a publication for and by the Writers of the South Dakota Writer’s Project.

This collection contains three series: Correspondence, Publication Documents, Writings and Illustrations.  The Correspondence series contains 2 letters concerning editorial comments and the proposed book jacket.

The Publication Documents series contains a contents list, a forward and an introduction.  The materials are possibly drafts for the publication Legends of the Sioux.   Also included in this series is a resolution by the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council acknowledging the authenticity of the material gathered by Wilbur Bordeaux. 

The Writings series contains various Indian Legends, Stories, and essays on cultural information.  This series is mostly organized by author.  Some of the writings are typescript excerpts from published works.  The typescripts are noted with their citation. 

There are holographic notes of an editorial nature on many of the materials in the Publication Documents and Writings series.

The Illustrations series contains the artistic works of rural elementary school children.  This series is organized by artist.. Some of these works were redrawn by Oscar Howe to illustrate Legends of the Sioux

Included at the end of this finding aid is an index of titles.


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