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Wounded Knee Survivors Association

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DOCUMENTS (2 folders)

An Annual Work Program for Historic Preservation in South Dakota, 1971, May 15

Articles of Incorporation of The Big Foot Claim’s Council, 1948, June 21

Articles of Incorporation of The Wounded knee Survivors Association, n.d.

Big Foot Band of Minniconjou of the Cheyenne River Tribe Member List

Memorandum Opinion of Value, Pine Ridge Agency, 1973, Feb. 2

Red Cloud Indian School, Quit Claim Deed, 1972, Oct. 25

Resolution of the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council, Resolution no. 69-06, 1969, Apr. 11

Resolution of the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council, Resolution no. 72-34, 1972, Apr. 28

Report of Investigation into the Battle at Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota 1890, Dec. 29



“Bamboozle Me Not at Wounded Knee”, by Terri Schultz

“Branch Insignia of Cavalry and Armor, 1872-1956” by Frank C. Townsend and Frederick P. Todd

“Collectors Field Book John W. Comfort: Portrait of a U.S Regular 1865-1892”

“Countersigns”, Harper’s Magazine, 1973, June

“End of Chief Big Foot’s Trail”

“The Ghost-Dance Religion and the Sioux Outbreak of 1890” by James Mooney

“Kneip Honors Indian Dead in First State Wounded Knee Recognition”

“U.S. Army Field Artillery Weapons, 1866-1918” by Konrad F. Schreler, Jr.

Wounded Knee and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation pamphlets and maps


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