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Alfred S. Frost

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Contents List

Box 1
1. Correspondence, 1880-1924
2. Photographs
3. Photographs, Philippines
4. Manuscripts, Decoration Day
5. Manuscripts, Filipino Banquet
6. Manuscripts, Military
7. Manuscripts, Military
8. Manuscripts, Military
9. Manuscripts, Military
10. Manuscripts, Women Historians
11. Manuscripts, untitled
12. Lecture, Infantry Marches
Box 2
1. Biographical Items
2. Commission & Discharge
3. Infantry Orders
4. Memberships
5. South Dakota National Guard
6. Scrapbook Cover
7. Scrapbook, Poetry and Newspaper Clippings
8. Scrapbook, Newspapers Clippings
9. Newspaper Clippings Obituary
10. Newspaper Clippings

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