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Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP)

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Scope and Contents

The Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP) papers contain material pertaining to the ASTP on the campus of the University of South Dakota. The papers are divided into nine series: Correspondence, Conferences, Memorandums, Miscellaneous, Publications, Orders, Basic Phase, Advanced Phase, Reports, and Records. Most of the material has dates.

The Correspondence series is divided into eight sub-series: I.D. Weeks, Arthur M. Pardee, Colonel Joseph Church, Major Fred E. Sims, G.L. Abernethy, and Faculty and Registrar. These are further divided into incoming and outgoing correspondences.

The Conferences series contains information about the ASTP Advisory Committee Conference in Omaha Nebraska on 6 August 1943.

The Memorandums series is divided into 3 sub-series based on the memos’ place of origin: from the War Department in Washington, DC, from the Seventh Service Command in Omaha, Nebraska, and from the University of South Dakota.

The Miscellaneous series contains manuscript notes from Arthur M. Pardee.

The Publications series is divided into two sub-series: Manuals and Bulletins. Manuals introduced prospective cadets to the ASTP. In addition, the Army Service Forces manual M105 provided faculty with a comprehensive overview of the ASTP. The Army Specialized Training Bulletin was a program-wide periodical that focused on the ASTP and accepted contributions from civilian and military personnel associated with the program.

The Orders series is divided into two sub-series: Special Orders and Transfer Orders. Special Orders were from either Colonel Joseph Church or Major Fred E. Sims and affected the Army Specialized Training Program on the campus of the University of South Dakota. Transfer Orders were orders transferring cadets into active service and letters in reference to those transfers.

The Basic Phase series is divided into eleven sub-series: Check Lists and Departmental Information, Curriculum, Chemistry Curriculum, Engineer Drawing Curriculum, English Curriculum, Geography Curriculum, History Curriculum, Mathematics Curriculum, Physics Curriculum, Study Hall, and Testing.

The Advanced Phase series contains the Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Chemical Engineering Curriculums.

The Reports series contains inspection reports for classes within the Army Specialized Training Program. It is divided into six sub-series: Chemistry, English, Geography, History, Mathematics, and Physics.

The Records series is divided into seven sub-series: Rosters, Schedules, Requisitions, Books and Supplies, Financial Records, Faculty Records, and Salary Lists.

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