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Ephraim M. Epstein

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General “A-Z” (1 folder)

Beadle, W. H. H., (Member of Board of Regents)

1882, July 8

Lawrence, B. M.

1883, Jan. 30

Sioux Falls Water Power Company

1882, July 31

Board of Regents

1883, April 14

1883, April 14

1883, April 16


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Epstein, Ephraim M. “Sven Von Hedin and the Bible,” The American Journal of Clinical Medicine. (March 1913) 250-256.

“Dr. Ephraim M. Epstein,” South Dakota Alumni Quarterly 11 (January 1916) 95-101.

“A Memento of Dr. Ephraim M. Epstein: Document Found in Chimney Wall of the House He Built in 1884,” South Dakota Alumnus (May 1931) 48-49.

Rosenstien, Dr. Neil. The Lurie Legacy: The House of Davidic Royal Descent. Preface (xv-xvii) and Chapter 7 pages 255-266.

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