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Howard B. Grose

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                            CORRESPONDENCE (3 folders)

Box 1

General “A-Z” (1 folder)

    Cory, Frank J.

           1891, March 27 

     Dudley, William H.

           1891, April 7

                                  Free, A. T.  (Member of Board of Trustees)

                                        1891, March 20

                                  Green, Henry J., Manufacturer and Importer of Sci. Instruments

                                        1890, Jan. 20

                                  Grose, Howard B. (President of USD)


                                  Harben, G. P.

                                        1890, Jan. 25

                                  Kiland, G. H.  (Member of Board of Trustees)

                                        1890, Nov. 15

                                  J. F. Knappen, lawyer

                                        1890, Feb. 22

                                  Jones, A. Sheridan

                                        1890, Jan. 21

                                  Remington Standard Typewriter

                                        1890, Feb. 7

                                  Board of Regents (5 items)

                                        1890, May 20

                                        1891, March 24

                                        1891, March 26

                                        1891, March 27

                                        1891, Fall (?)

                                 Cavalier, L. E. (2 items)

                                        1890, Jan. 15

                                        1890, Oct. 4


                                         “To the Honorable, the Regents of Education of the

                                   State of South Dakota,”  USD Faculty, 27 March 1891

                                          “Report of the Trustees of the University to the Board

                                   Of Regents of Education,” 27 March 1891 

                                           “Statement of the Members of the Faculty to the Trustees

                                    And Regents, 27 March 1891

                                   PRINTED MATERIALS

                                   Newspaper Clippings (20 items)

                                            n.d., no title

                                            n.d., “The University Turmoil”

                                            n.d., “Mr. Inman Talks”

                                            n.d., Brookings Register, “Regents’ Session”

                                            n.d., “Class of 1891 Gets Diplomas But Graduation is


                                            n.d. “Outrageous, Such is the Conduct of Inman and

                                                      Steve Updyke, The Sheriff Holds the University,”

                                           “South Dakota University, Death of Dr. Olson Proves a

                                                  Serious Blow to the Institution,”  Omaha World Herald

                                                  7 June 1890


Box 1 Cont’d                          

                                           Newspaper Clippings Cont’d

                                            “A College Quarrel, Sioux City Journal, 20 March 1891

                                            “University Board Meeting,” 1 April 1891

                                            “Grose and the Students,” 22 March 1891

                                           “The Row at the University,” 24 March 1891

                                           “The Students’ Petition,” 26 March 1891

                                           “The Students Win, The Board of Regents Reinstate

                                                Those Who Were Expelled,” Sioux City Journal

                                                2 April 1891

                                           “Mr. Grose Forced Out,”  4 May 1891

                                           “The Regents Resolutions,” Dakota Republican

                                                 9 April 1891

                                           “New Faculty Selected,” 31 May 1891

                                           “The University is Closed,” 2 June 1891

                                           “The University Troubled,” Sioux City Journal  4 June 1891

                                            “The University”  Plain Talk 5 June 1891

                                            “A University Overthrown,” Sioux City Journal

                                                  8 June 1891

                                            Reports (1 item)

                                             Annual Report of the University of South Dakota

                                                  Presented to the Board of Regents, Nov. 12, 1890

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