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Gilbert Courtland Fite

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Additional Resources

Fite, Gilbert Courtland. Peter Norbeck, Prairie Statesman. Pierre: South Dakota State Historical Society Press. 2005. (Chilson/Main Collection E748 .N63 F 58 2005)

Fite, Gilbert Courtland. Richard B. Russell, Jr., Senate from Georgia. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press. 1991. (Main Collection E748 .R 944 F57 1991)

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Universtiy Press. 1981.  (Chilson/Main Collection HD8039 .F32 U64)

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Rinehart and Winston. 1966.  (Chilson/Main Collection S441 .F48)

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1965. (Main Collection HD3446 .A1 C55)

Fite, Gilbert Courtland and Jim E. Reese.  An Economic History of the United States
Boston:  Houghton Mifflin.  1959.  (Main Collection HC 103 .F47)

Fite, Gilbert Courtland.  George N. Peek and the Fight for Farm Parity.  Norman: 
       Universtiy of Oklahoma Press.  1954.  (Chilson Collection HD1761 .F56)

Fite, Gilbert Courtland.  Mount Rushmore.  Norman:  University of Oklahoma Press.
       1952.  Chilson/Main Collection NB237 .B6 F5)

 Fite, Gilbert Courtland.  Peter Norbeck: Prairie Statesman.  Columbia:  University of
        Missouri.  1948.  (Chilson/Main Collection F656 .N6 F5)

Fite, Gilbert Courtland.  The Nonpartisan League in Oklahoma.  Reprinted from the
       Chronicles of Oklahoma, v.24, no.2, summer 1946.  (Main Collection HD1485 .N4

Fite, Gilbert Courtland. “Peter Norbeck: Prairie Statesman” (PhD diss., University of
       Missouri, 1945.  (Chilson Collection F656 .N6 F5 1945)

Fite, Gilbert Courtland.  “Activities of the Farm Bloc in the Early Twenties”  (master’s thesis, University of South Dakota, 1941.  (Storage/Main Collection LD5071.3x .F5573)

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        Oklahoma Press.  1955.  (Chilson Collection S441 .H35)

Lee, Alton R., ed.  Agricultural Legacies: Essays in Honor of Gilbert C. Fite.
Vermillion, S.D.: University of South Dakota Press. 1986.  (Chilson/Main
        Collection S441 .A354 1986)

Moody, Carroll J. and Gilbert C. Fite.  The Credit Union Movement: Origins and
          Development, 1850-1970.
  Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.  1971.
          (Main Collection HG 2037 .M66)

Peterson, Horace Cornelius and Gilbert C. Fite.  Opponents of War, 1917-1918. 
          Madison:  University of Wisconsin Press.  1957.  (Chilson Collection E780 .P4)

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