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Contents List

UM finding aid template

Box 1



Book Outline

AIM Chronology, manuscript

Book, printed copy, Chapter 1

Book manuscript

Fitzgerald Chapters

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII


The Day Crazy Horse Died - printed copy, Book Outline, Chapters 1, 7 & 10; Aim Chronology, 1962-1973

File inventory, AIM

Clipping index

Wounded Knee Massacre victims

Research, Chuck Raasch

Resources, books




Abourezk, Bellecourt, Means, Thomas (2 folders)

John Adams

Dennis Banks

Dennis Banks, copy 2

Clyde Bellecourt

Bill Hall

Russell Means

Stan Pottinger

Stan Pottinger, copy 2

Madonna Thunderhawk

John Trudell

Bill Zimmerman



AIM Chronology I

AIM Chronology II

DeSera, Aaron

Wilson, Richard

Maps, diagrams

Personnel authorities

Trail of Broken Treaties, BIA Occupation

Wounded Knee, take-over eve

Wounded Knee, First Week, March

Wounded Knee, Second Week, March

Wounded Knee, life inside

Oglala Sovereignty, Independent Oglala Nation

Durham, Douglas

Negotiations, April 1973

Means, Russell, April 1973, Travel Documents

FBI Shooting Reports; 1973, Mar. 9, 11, 12, 21, 26

United States Government Memos, 1973, Mar 4, 11 25

U.S. Government Memos, 1973, Apr. 23-24

U.S. Government Memos, Apr. 19, 22, 23, 24; 1973, May 3

Warner, Volney F., U.S. Court of Claims; U.S. Army Memos 1973, Mar. 3; 1973, May 23;


Box 2


White House Optioning

AIM Memos, dissension

White House, Army Relations

DOMS Watch Team

Wounded Knee Airlift

U.S. Army, Military Support of WK Operations

Garment, Leonard

Erickson, Ralph, Deputy Assistant Attorney General

Harlington Wood, Jr., Court of Claims

Frizzell, Kent, Court of Claims (2 folders)


AIM Injuries

Jackson, Henry

BIA takeover, USMS log 1973, Feb. 14-Mar. 1

BIA takeover, Government Exhibits

Wounded Knee, Government Summary of Events

FBI interviews, post-Wounded Knee

AIM Demands

After Action Reports, U.S. Army

AIM, FIOA documents (2 folders)

United States Senate, Select Committee on Indian Affairs, Report 101-216

Report, United States Senate, Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and other internal Security Laws; Revolutionary Activities within the United States

FBI documents (6 folders)

U.S. Government documents (2 folders)

Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, 1973, Mar. 26

Wounded Knee, outside appraisals

U.S. Army, inside retrospectives



United States vs. Dennis Banks, United States vs. Russell Means (6 folders)




United States vs. Dennis Banks, United States vs. Russell Means, cont. (7 folders)


Court of Claims

Innocent Victims

1980, May 6 (14 folders)

Defendants Requested Findings of Fact no. 1-637 (2 folders)

Defendants Requested Findings of Fact no. 638-1057 (2 folders)

Plaintiff's Proposed Findings of Fact 1980, Nov. 3 (2 folders)

Plaintiff's Proposed Findings of Fact 1980, Nov. 3

Plaintiff's Brief on Liability, 1980, Nov. 3




Court of Claims, cont.

Defendant's Brief to the Trial Commissioner, No. 4-76 (2 folders)

Commissioner's Opinion, No.4-76, 1981, June 10

Findings of Fact and Recommended Conclusions to Accompany the Opinion of the Trial Commission, No.4-76, 1981, June 10 (4 folder)

Innocent Victims, 1980, exhibits

Master Index, 1980, May 6-May 20

Hearing, Occupation of BIA, 1972, Dec. 4 (4 folders)



Alcatraz, interview

American Indian Journal

Big Mountain Dispute

17 Country Songs

Evergreen Foundation Film

Indians Civil Rights Act

Screenplay, Airlift to Wounded Knee, Bill Zimmerman

Teaching on the Reservation , Jeanne Smith

Yellowthunder Camp



Lexis-Nexis Chronology 1970-1979

New York Times Chronology, 1973-1975

Newspaper Chronology, 1971-1972 (2 folders)

Newspaper article

Arizona Republic

Rapid City Journal (4 folders)

Wesley Bad Heart Bull

Pine Ridge Shooting

South Dakota Newspapers

General (5 folders)

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