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How University Libraries LibGuides can be used in your classroom.

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America History and Life (via EBSCOhost) is an index which provides historical coverage of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present.

Documents & Files

We can upload any number and types of files to a guide.

Pinterest Feeds

New Exhibition Catalogs for the Art Dept.

Easily Embedded Multimedia

We can embed multimedia inside guides (videos, RSS feeds, podcasts, etc.). Check out the Citing Scholarly Websites video by Shelie Vacek and Timmi Johnson in their Health Sciences Major guide.

Highlight Social Media

LibGuides can be used to highlight USD's wide variety of social media platforms. For example, keep up to date with announcements from the library Facebook page:

Embedded Chat Widgets

We can add a LibAnswers widget (like the one below) into a guide so that your students will have access to the library.

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