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MedlinePlus -- A Favorite!

MedlinePlus is a freely available Web site of the National Library of Medicine (NLM). Located in Bethesda, Maryland, NLM is the largest medical library in the world. MedlinePlus is U.S. federally funded and is a part of the National Institutes of Health. The Web site for MedlinePlus can be found at

MedlinePlus provides health information for the public and for health professionals on a variety of medical conditions, treatments, and syndromes. It provides sections on today's health news and on drugs and supplements. It also has a medical encyclopedia with many illustrations and a medical dictionary. A large part of MedlinePlus is in Spanish. 

Here are a few of the more useful MedlinePlus pages:

Genetics Home Reference

Genetics Home Reference provides public-friendly information about the effects of genetic variations on human health. This Web site can be found at

The Resources tab is particularly nice and has many helpful links.  One useful link is Global Genes: RARE Toolkits.

Kids Health

Kids Health -- click here


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