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Curating Primary Sources:, Storify, and other curated news tools

Primary Sources in the 21st Century School Library

Media Literacies

Mihailidis & Cohen (2013) suggest that making a story out of linked multimedia content requires media literacy skills of analysis, evaluation and creation. 

The digital literacy skills required for successful curation form part of what Wesch (2009) wants learners to become: knowledge-able. Participating in curation activities can facilitate students' developing and demonstrating search strategies, evaluation skills, critical thinking, problem solving, participating in networked conversation, and using information ethically. (O’Connell, 2011). is probably the easiest strategy for creating a media-rich newspaper of tweets and feeds and hashtags.  It is also beautifully searchable. Results display the name of the editor and number of views. Both may be used as preliminary clues toward evaluating reliability. Students may subscribe to email alerts for or embed selected papers.

The Nikki D Robertson Daily is like bringing in “virtual” newspaper clippings on topics discussed in class through tweets. Teacher Kate Morgan’s students tweet topic-relevant links, sources, pictures, and videos that support topics discussed in class. These resources are then curated into their customized, Weekly Vibe. Kate says the great thing about is that it gets the class talking about what they discover on their own outside of school hours and the four walls of the classroom.    



1. To form or tell stories of; to narrate or describe in a story.
2. To make stories using social media.

  • Storify harnesses curation's role in telling a story by providing a linear platform and the opportunity to link related content with the curator's own text.
  • Storify is a great way to bring social media into the classroom for meaningful, educational use.
    • Students can add their own narrative to weave the information gathered from various social media sites in to a meaningful story.
    • When reading a novel or text in class, students can use Storify to scan the web for videos, links, pictures and more for items that relate to the items being studied.
November Library Report for Colchester Elementary School


The Tweeted Times

A real-time personalized newspaper generated from your Twitter account

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