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The Human Library™: 2017 Book Descriptions

"How are we to understand each other, if we do not have the opportunity to talk to each other?" ~Ronni Abergel, Inventor of the Human Library™

2017 Book Descriptions

Carving Out a Place for Myself: Queer


Coming out is difficult, and it’s even more so when one was raised conservative in rural backwoods America. Find out how things have changed – and how they haven’t – for the rural LGBTQ+ community.

A Modern Day One-Room School House: Tales from a Homeschooler


Imagine your mom as your school principal, lunch lady, and homeroom teacher all rolled into one. Picture a PE class where you got to hunt for chicken eggs, chase runaway goats out of the garden, and ice skate on frozen ponds. Envision your dining room table as your classroom. Check out this book to hear these tales and more from this friendly homeschooler. Read at your own peril: you may find that you have more in common with a homeschooler than you would think. 

  Living with Nuns: Atheist, Foster Parent


Why would an atheist choose to live in a community with Catholic nuns? What was it like? How did their different beliefs influence their work? Adding kids to the mix spices things up--check out this book to find out more.

My Name is Mo Payne

A high school dropout, meth head, alcoholic, teen mother, roller derby player now working towards her PhD, welcomes your questions.

Probing Invisible World- Life of a Particle Physicist


As an experimental particle physicist, this book develops radiation detectors to probe dark matter and neutrinos, tiny invisible particles that have a huge impact on the evolution of the Universe. His six-year-old daughter finds it hard to regard her silly daddy as a scientist, though. Check him out and find out why!

This Skin I'm In: Integrating Identity


Being spit on outside a store and chased through the woods by Klan members are just two of the situations this book has faced and needed to integrate with how she sees herself. Do others see you as you see you? Does how your view of yourself change based on who you are with and where you are? Come meet this book and hear this immigrant's experience with identity challenges, fear, love, and hate over twenty years of living in the United States.

 Transitioning from a Ryan International Student to a USD Coyote


Being an international student at a university in the United States is quite different than being a student at home in India. For example, differences exist in teaching methodologies, the relationships between student and teacher, the role of parents, and involvement in sports and extra-curricular activities. I look forward to sharing my experiences!

We are all Phoenix 


Growing up in communist Romania, she would have never guessed that she would experience anything else. From learning that sacrificing for the greater good of the collectivistic society to learning to live in a  famous democratic country, from teaching in the Gypsy community and teaching students with low achievement to teaching some of the brightest students the United States has to offer, she has lived several lives in one.


Extra Chromosome Brings Opportunities 


Some people hear Down syndrome and picture a grim life for all involved. Not so! An extra chromosome brings opportunities of joy, love, international travel, knowledge, service, and adventure to her life. She is also a wife to a loving husband & mother to 2 teenagers and one rowdy toddler, a scholar, teacher, physician, aromatherapist-in-training, and a life-long learner.



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