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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Your child has been diagnosed with autism. You may be feeling one of one million ways and all of those feelings are okay. You have already taken the positive first step of reaching out for help and seeking resources for your child, your family and yourself. Know that you are not alone in this journey. There are other parents, school personnel, medical professionals, community resource providers and countless others who are here to help you and walk alongside you on this journey.

Department of Human Services- Family Support 360

There are local programs that provide services to children (under age 18) and their families. A coordinator develops a plan with the family to access supports and services to meet their needs. Family Support 360 allows the family to choose service providers and direct the services that they receive.

USD Center for Disabilities Networking and Support Groups

We support individuals with disabilities, their families and the people with whom they interact to enhance community participation and quality of life.

South Dakota Parent Connection Parent Support Groups

Whether you are seeking support or wish to share what you have learned to support others, in-person and online support groups are designed to help.

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