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Musical Theatre

This page is intended as a guide to researching music theatre.

If you know the song you'd like to use for the audition, it's best to search the library catalog by song title (or song title and composer) to start. Do a Boolean search for [“song title”] and [composer]. Limit your search to "Scores". We don't recommend a "Title" search because your song may be from a larger work, or may be included in an anthology or collection with a different title.

If you need help selecting a song, try browsing through one or more of the following collections of songs from musicals:

Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology

  • Volume 1: Soprano M1508.1 S56v.1; Mezzo/Alto M1508.1 S56v.2; Tenor M1508.1 S56v.3; Baritone/Bass M1508.1 S56v.4
  • Volume 1 (rev. ed.): Soprano M1507 S564a2000v.1; Mezzo/Belter M1507 S564b2000v.1; Tenor M1507 S564c2000v.1; Baritone/Bass M1507 S564d2000v.1
  • Volume 2: Soprano M1507 S564a2000v.2; Mezzo/Belter M1507 S564b1993v.2; Tenor M1507 S564c1993v.2; Baritone/Bass M1507 S564d1993v.2
  • Volume 3: Soprano M1507 S564a2000v.3; Mezzo/Belter M1507 S564b2000v.3; Tenor M1507 S564c2000v.3; Baritone/Bass M1507 S564d2000v.3
  • Volume 4: Soprano M1507 S564a2005v.4; Mezzo/Belter M1507 S564b2005v.4; Tenor M1507 S564c2005v.4; Baritone/Bass M1507 S564d2005v.4
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