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Computstat/Research Insight (remote access)

Information for USD users about how to login remotely to access the Compustat database.


  • This guide shows USD users how to access the Compustat/Research Insight database through the Virtual Desktop.

Please contact Danielle Loftus with any questions relating to this guide, or access to the Compustat database.  Please contact Steve Johnson for help with navigating the Compustat database. 

Logging In

1. Type this address in your browser:

2. Select the "VMware Horizon View HTML Access" Icon:

3. When the disclaimer appears, click "Accept."

4. Log in with your USD credentials (USD email):


5. Select the "Compustat" Icon:

6. Select "OK" to log on using your USD credentials.


7. Click "Yes" to download the support files. 

8. Select "Copy Support Files." This will take approximately 7-8 mintutes.

9. You are now logged into the Compustat/Research Insight database!

 Compustat database menu

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