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Digital Curation: Welcome Home!

Getting Started

Welcome! This guide was originally created for the July 20-23 2014 SDSL Boot Camp.  

Brought to you by your instructor Danielle!

Boot Camp

Boot Camp 2014 Goals

Today’s students are expected to “use technology and digital media strategically and capably.” (CCSS) This course explores those expectations by looking at the 4Cs - collaborating, critical thinking, creating, communicating - in terms of the ethical and legal matters students and staff encounter both online and offline. 

Class Session

  • This class will investigate what curation is and the different contexts it is used in. Why is it important; who are the curators, what motivates them and what makes a great curator? What processes and tools are used for curation and what digital literacies are required for successful curation? It will conclude with an investigation into ways teachers can use curation both with and for their students and as a tool for their own professional learning and a brief look at some curation tools

  • Test drive a few of the free curation tools described in this session.  Share your responses to using these tools.  How might you use these in practice? Which would be useful to introduce to teachers? Which would be useful for student researchers?

The fire hydrant analogy rings true.

"Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant." Mitchell Kapor (Lotus founder).  Background image adapted from

Each of us is now not only a consumer but also a potential media producer, and it is easy to be drenched.

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