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The Inclusive Library: Serving Diverse User Populations: Welcome!

Tri-Conference 2013

SDLA/MPLA/NDLA Tri-Conference, Sioux Falls, SD. September 25-27, 2013

Pre-Conference Session: Wednesday, Amphitheater I

9:00-9:15       Introduction

9:15-10:15    World View Stories, Cultural Walk, Hula-hoops

10:15-10:30  Break

10:30-11:15  Library Scenarios

11:15-11:45 Discussion

David Alexander

Ernetta Fox

Jesus Trevino

Danielle De Jager-Loftus



One of the core philosophies of libraries is that we should be open to all. How well do libraries serve diverse populations?

This guide:

  • Presents information about the concept of inclusiveness and how it relates to diversity.  
  • Presents information that can be used for game planning and enhancing diversity and inclusion as core values in the organization.

Three questions:
1).What are the populations libraries serve?
2). How do we make the library a welcoming place for all the populations we serve?
3). How can the library facilitate discussions on the inclusive library?

Please contact us (e-mails at left) if you have any questions, or would like more information.

Consider This

1. Diversity issues in libraries (recruitment, outreach, library instruction, collection development)
2. Communication & conflict resolution
3. Planning, assessing, and implementing programs and services centered on diversity

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