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Mount Marty University Nursing Program: Library Hub

This library hub is designed for both graduate students and faculty of Mount Marty University's Nursing Anesthesia Program. It hosts core books, journals, databases, tutorials, citation help, and so much more. NB: It is 100% safe to over indulge this anes
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Layal Hneiny


A pharmacy education resource that includes more than 80 key pharmacy reference books, quick reference (including herbs and supplements information), drug information (including dosages, trade names, and pricing), multimedia presentations and video, drug therapy cases with practice questions, study tools, and NAPLEX review help.
Provides a cross-section of information relevant to clinical anesthesia practice, selected from a wide range of biomedical journals. Each abstract is followed by commentary, analysis, and recommendations by certified nurse anesthetists.
A primary database for nursing and allied health students and professionals. CINAHL Complete can be searched simultaneously with other EBSCO databases such as EBSCO’s MEDLINE database. 
Accessible from mobile devices
Searching with CINAHL  Highlights subject searching, using CINAHL's thesaurus, 
exploding terms, tips & tricks, etc.


*Please Note* Most CINAHL tutorial videos tell you to limit your search to full 
text only; however, this will severely limit your search results. Since you have access 
to a library that can provide the full text to you, no matter where it may be housed 
outside of the CINAHL database, we suggest that you DO NOT limit your search to 
full text only.
From the libguide 'Avera Library Resources (for Nursing Staff)'
Contains Mosby’s evidence-based nursing monographs written by nursing experts with the latest and most relevant evidence to help answer clinical questions. Contains eBooks, journal articles, disease overviews, patient education, drug information and calculators, practice guidelines, and images.
 Accessible from mobile devices.
ClinicalKey for Nursing Overview 
Highlights what is included in the ClinicalKey for Nursing database, and where to
 locate specific resource types.

*Please Note* This video was created by Elsevier. 
From the libguide 'Avera Library Resources (for Nursing Staff)' 
Includes Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, the Cochrane Methodology Register, and other high-quality resources. Each resource contains reviewed evidence to improve care and research.
What is in the Cochrane Library? 
Searching for Studies using Advanced Search 
Cochrane PICO Search 
Cochrane PICO Search (beta) is made available in the Cochrane Library as a pre-release
 for large-scale testing. Their aim is to learn from this to prioritize future developments and 
enhancements of PICO search.
From the libguide 'Avera Library Resources (for Nursing Staff)'
Cochrane Collaboration Logo   
Cochrane Logo illustrates a systematic review of data from 7 randomized 
controlled trials (RCT) comparing one health care treatment with a placebo.
Each horizontal line represents results of one trial.
The shorter the line means the more certain the result.
The diamond is the combined result, if it is to the left then treatment is beneficial. 
If a horizontal line touches the vertical one then the trial found no clear difference 
between the treatments.
If the horizontal line is to the right or the diamond is to the right of the vertical line 
then the treatment in not good, and may do more harm than good. 


DynaMed is the decision support tool that clinicians go to for answers. Content is written by a world-class team of physicians and specialists who synthesize the evidence and provide objective analysis and guidance with transparent detail to assist in the clinical decision-making process.

Evidence to inform clinical practice is derived from JBI's Global Collaborating Centers of Excellence in 40+ countries. Includes summarized research evidence in a format that is easy to locate, understand, and evaluate current evidence quickly.
Searching in JBI on Ovid 
Highlights the search features found in JBI on Ovid. Highlights search functions 
and abilities.
From the libguide 'Avera Library Resources (for Nursing Staff)'
The National Library of Medicine's MEDLINE database contains citations and abstracts to the world's literature in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, public health, allied health, health administration, and the preclinical sciences.

An online collection of videos created specifically for the education and training of nurses, nursing assistants, and other healthcare workers.
Access to Books@Ovid (a collection of quick-reference e-books, plus many American Nurses Association standards), Journals@Ovid (full-text journals in PDF from Lippincott/LWW), Joanna Briggs Institute Evidence-Based Practice documents (JBI), and Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HAPI, help for finding surveys, questionnaires, etc.)
How to use Journals@Ovid 
Use these directions to access full-text journals from Lippincott/LWW.

How to use Books@Ovid. 
A collection of quick-reference e-books, plus many American Nurses Association 
From the libguide 'Avera Library Resources (for Nursing Staff)'
National Library of Medicine’s interface for searching MEDLINE and other medical literature. Citations and abstracts to the world’s literature in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, public health, allied health, health administration, and the pre-clinical sciences with links to the articles listed. PubMed when launched from the library site displays USD's red “UGetIt!” button with each citation to give access to articles directly or through the library's document delivery service. Accessible from mobile devices.
Always enter PubMed from the Wegner Library home page or anywhere it is mentioned 
in this Libguide.
*   Why?  Users will gain more immediate access to the full text of an article.
*   If the full text is not available, users will be automatically routed to ILL to request
 the full text; even pre-filing the request form for you. This is a HUGE TIME SAVER!
If you do not see the  once you click into an article abstract; you have 
not logged in through the library.

Visit our PubMed Guide for additional how-to information.

TRIP is a clinical search engine that searches multiple evidence-based sites simultaneously providing information from systematic reviews, practice guidelines, clinical trials, MEDLINE articles, and medical images and videos. It has a global scope, not limited to U.S. information.
Multidisciplinary collection of online resources covering life, health, physical sciences, social science, and the humanities. Look under the Subject: Nursing.
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