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Mount Marty University Nursing Program: Library Hub

This library hub is designed for both graduate students and faculty of Mount Marty University's Nursing Anesthesia Program. It hosts core books, journals, databases, tutorials, citation help, and so much more. NB: It is 100% safe to over indulge this anes
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Layal Hneiny

Where to Publish?

Selecting a suitable journal for submitting your publication is a process that needs experience and knowledge.  Below is a list of criteria that need to be looked into:
  • Aims and Scope
For a candidate journal, the Aims and Scope should be read carefully to guarantee the submission of papers within the journal's subject coverage.
SPI-Hub™ provides indicators of journal scholarship expressed through metadata in 26 fields (e.g., indexing status in biomedical databases, stated adherence to publishing policies/best practices, reporting of open access policies such as fees and licensing options), which can be viewed throughout SPI-Hub™ by simply selecting a journal title.
Enter title &/or abstract of your paper and click 'Find journals', JANE will compare your document to millions of documents in Medline to find the best matching journals.
helps you select an appropriate journal from PubMed.
helps you find an appropriate Elsevier journal for your publication.
helps you find an appropriate Springer or BioMedCentral journal for your publication.
Search for your topic to see which journals publish articles on that topic. Some journals accept only certain types of publications, if this is the case then while searching in PubMed apply filters to limit to the required publication type.
  • Audience
Who is the intended audience, are they specialized or generalized ones?
Powered by Scopus, CiteScore metrics evaluate serial citation impact over a three-year period.
  • Indexing Services:
A journal that is indexed in Medline or PubMed is a bonus. But be aware of those that appear in PubMed only because some of its free articles reside in PubMedCentral. For a good journal choice, make sure it is indexed in Medline, as here they do a critical evaluation of journals before accepting them to be indexed in Medline.
Tutorial (Coming Soon)
This option though might result in more readerships of papers, but may not result in more citations!  Here authors may be asked to pay the article processing fee to make the paper freely available.  But beware of the many OA publishers that are really predatory and are claiming their journals to be scholarly and peer-reviewed. 
  • Scientific Quality
Check if it is a peer-reviewed journal, where reviewers critically study the paper manuscript for quality of content and methodology to detect bias. Although this is mostly a subjective activity yet it stands as a good point for the validity of paper, and some utilize a single/double-blinded review process.
  • Publisher and the editorial board
Check if the journal has a user-friendly organized website, and what is the average time between submissions to publication.
  • Get advice from colleagues
that have previously submitted to the particular journal you are considering a submission to.
Stop, Investigate, Find, Trace
Once you decide on the journal that you want to submit your manuscript, follow the specific instructions to authors that Mulford Library collected in its Instructions to Authors in the Health Sciences.


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