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Ease of Access & Productivity Tools

These products can be used by libraries as adaptive technologies to provide access, and they also can be used to increase day-to-day productivity of library staff and patrons and everyone!

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts are a way of keeping track of projects you're doing so that you can manage them more effectively. More than just a list of tasks to work on, Gantt charts provide a visual component to help you see which jobs must be done consecutively or concurrently to help you stay on top of your workload.

Bright Hub has a series of useful articles on using Gantt charts:

There are computer-based tools for creating Gantt charts, such as Microsoft Project for Windows and OmniPlan for Macintosh, but they tend to be expensive. Web-based tools tend to require paid subscriptions, though some offer an option for a limited free account.

10 Free Online Project Management Tools



If you need to collaborate with others on your project, you may turn to BaseCamp, an online project-management tool created by the firm 37 Signals. It's used by businesses and other groups to coordinate work efforts. Typically there's a fee associated with using the application, but BaseCamp Classicis a free version with no time limit. William Fenton at PC Magazine wrote a review.

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