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Evidence Based Medicine (Practice): EBM/Practice Pyramid & Tutorials


Study Design

Hierarchy of Evidence

Hierarchy of Evidence

The type of question will often dictate the best study design to address the question: 

                                                                   Key: best - to - adequate, or what is available on topic 

Question:                                        Study: 

Clinical Examination                                Prospective, blind comparison to the Gold Standard

Diagnostic Testing                                   Prospective, blind comparison to the Gold Standard 

Prognosis                                                 Cohort Study - Case Control- Case Series

Therapy                                                     RCT- Cohort Study- Case Control - Case Series

Etiology/Harm                                           RCT - Cohort Study - Case Control - Case Series

Prevention                                                 RCT- Cohort Study - Case Control - Case Series 

p Values & Statistical Significance

EBM Tutorial from UNC Health Science Library & Duke Medical Center

Creating Clinical Questions - The PICO Method

Evidence Based Medicine from a Consumer/Patient Perspective

Confidence Intervals

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