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Anatomage Virtual Dissection Table (Clinical): Ethical Considerations


 A memorial plaque honoring those who donated their body is installed at the Wegner Library. 

        Memorial Plaque

Ethical Considerations

The Anatomage Table's content is produced using real human cadavers. We expect all users to treat the content (gross anatomy models) with the same deference and respect you would use for human cadavers. With this in mind, we ask the following:

  • Do not take pictures of the Table or any associated images with personal devices including, but not limited to: cameras, cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. 
  • Any images exported from the Table are to be used for educational purposes only. DO NOT POST THESE IMAGES TO SOCIAL MEDIA. 

We ask that users refrain from nicknaming the models. Please refer to the gross anatomy models by their provided designation (i.e. Caucasian Male).

                                                                                                              Unallowed Apps


Please credit Anatomage, Inc. for any exported images from the Table or rendered using Anatomage software. Please contact Anatomage if you would like to use an image in mass production. 


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