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Creating annotations for annotated bibliographies

The two short videos on creating an annotation coupled with the source evaluation matrix provide you with the tools for creating effective and useful annotations.

Annotated Bibliography Lessons-YouTube version

Annotated Bibliography Lesson Scripts

You may download and print out the script for each lesson and read along.

Help in writing annotated bibliographies

Source Evaluation Matrix

Use this source evaluation matrix to quickly assess qualities of a source such as the author, publisher, currency of information, etc.

Resources for Flipping Instruction

This bibliography of resources on flipped instruction is a work in progress. Feel free to send us citations of articles that are helpful to you and that might be added to this resource.

Flipping "How-To's"

These two documents provide advice on how to flip your instruction effectively and how to create lesson modules.

Survey Data on Flipped Instruction

This document reports on students surveyed following flipped instruction on creating annotated bibliographies. The data includes both student responses as well as responses by librarians who conducted the flipped instruction sessions.

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