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Anatomage Virtual Dissection Table (Clinical): FAQs

Are there any cases pertaining to cancer on the table?

While there are no cases specific to cancer, the Asian male cadaver was diagnosed with leukemia and the Asian female cadaver was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

Can we take group pictures with the table if my class/group come for a visit?

Please do not take any pictures with the cadavers/scans out of respect for the individuals that donated their bodies. You may take a group photo with the table itself, but please ensure it is off or there is nothing identifying on the screen. 

Is there a way to make the cadavers or animals move? 

Unfortunately, there is no feature to allow joint or muscle movement, besides what is in the Kinesiology section under the Physiology tab.

Are there cadavers with different pathologies?

If you look under the case library tab, there are over 1600 different pathology scans. You can also upload your own MRI and CT scans to customize the table to meet your needs. 

Is there a way to dissect the fetus to show development?

There is currently no way to dissect the fetus or to show specific development. However, the visibility menu (eye icon) allows you to isolate certain parts of the body.

What if all of my group cannot attend the meeting with the table? Can we video or record?

The table has zoom capabilities that will allow others to join virtually. Please discuss this with a librarian ahead of time so we can ensure the table is set up properly.

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