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USD Information Literacy Lessons: Page 11

The broad focus of these lessons is understanding sources of information, including examples that can help you learn how to access information sources at USD. Each lesson is dedicated to a specific element of information competency.

Scholarly Journals

Periodical literature can be broken down into several several types, including scholarly journals and popular magazines. As each name implies, the different types have differing purposes, audiences, and degrees of credibility for research.

Scholarly Journal Article

  • Information on author located under title followed by abstract.
  • Abstract (summary of article) begins and continues to next page.
  • Article text begins immediately following the abstract on p. 43 of the journal.

Scholarly journals…

  • Are published by colleges or universities, research institutes, or professional organizations
  • Are peer-reviewed (articles are read and accepted by experts in the relevant fields)
  • Contain articles written for specialists (assume the necessary subject knowledge, use jargon)
  • Communicate the results of original research and experimentation to other members of the discipline
  • Contain lengthy articles with abstracts and bibliographic citations
  • Limit advertising to discipline-related products and services
  • Are published quarterly or less frequently
  • Have a serious "look"  

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