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USD Information Literacy Lessons: Page 9

The broad focus of these lessons is understanding sources of information, including examples that can help you learn how to access information sources at USD. Each lesson is dedicated to a specific element of information competency.

Example Keyword Search

Let's do an example keyword search. Type in the word violence in the box located on the left side of the search screen. The database is not case sensitive so capital letters are not necessary when entering proper nouns.

Notice the red arrow pointing to the field labeled Select a Field (optional). You will need to open the drop down menu by clicking on the blue box at the far right (circled in red).


The most common choice available is TX All Text. You can also search by AU Author, SU Subject, and TI Title. In the example below TX All Text is selected. This tells the database to search for the word violence in all of the text for each article in the database. You should ALWAYS choose what you want the database to search for especially if you want to search the full text of the articles.


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