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Linking Directly to Resources; Individual Articles and Records

This guide will explain persistent links in library resources and how to utilize them, such as in a D2L course page.

TIP #1

Use Notepad when working with urls. 

Start>All Programs>

MS Word often adds extra code that can render the URL useless. This is especially true when you copy a URL from Word into an LMS.

TIP #2

If you go to you can paste in a very long URL and will be given a tiny url of only about 24 characters

This is helpful when emailing links!



Linking to a Database

To provide a link to an online USD research resource, use the links directly from the A-Z Databases list.   

  • Be sure to paste the durable url exactly as it is found in the A-Z Databases list.
  • Do not click on a link and go to the database and use the dynamic url from a session 

From the A-Z Databases list, with your mouse right click on the database to which you wish to provide a link, and select Copy Shortcut.

In the example below, the url for Academic Search Premier is:​ 

(Microsoft Windows)

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