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Women's Research Conference - USD

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Contents List

Box 1


1982-1984 (3 folders)



Conference Notes (1 folder)



1986 Speakers (1 folder)

Mair, Lucille (Under-Secretary General, United Nations)

Williams, Betty (Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, 1977)



Conference Concert Programs (1 folder)

“An Evening of Song and Dance,” Colton Recital Hall, 9 April 1985

Hersong, Quad-Cities Women’s Chorus, 12 April 1991

Hersong, Quad-Cities Women’s Chorus, 10 April 1992

Conference Programs, Events, & Flyers (14 folders)

1980-“Vermillion Women’s Week Program of Events”

1984-“Woman’s Place: A Research Conference Featuring Keynote Speaker Elizabeth Janeway”

1985-“Womenspeak: A Research Conference on Women and Communication Featuring Jean Kilbourne and Suzanne Pingree”

1986-“Women in the World: A Research Conference Featuring Betty Williams, Lucille Mair, and Linda Henderson Hogan”

1987-“Women’s Work: A Research Conference at The University of South Dakota, Lecture by Sarah Weddington”

1988-“Women and Equality: A Research Conference Featuring Bettina Gregory, June Sochen, Donna Shavlik, and Ann DeLaVergne”

1989-“Body Politics: Featured Speakers, Cathy Rigby, Lindy Binns, and Margaret Randall”

1990-“Women Healing: Featured Speakers, Ellie Smeal, Rho di Brezzo, Virginia Overdorf, and Elizabeth Cook-Lynn”

1991-“Women and Nature/The Nature of Women: Keynote Speaker, Dr. Peggy Kellers and Featuring Wilma Mankiller, Bea Nettles, and Lucy Reinert (Cardella)

1992-“Women & Diversity: Featured Speakers, Suzan Shown Harjo, Ginny Montes, Tahnahga Yako Myers, Anne Nogles, Christine Rice”

1993-“Other Women’s Lives: Featuring Alley Acker, Linda Robbennolt, Karen Thompson, HerSong”

1994-“Woman as Social Conscience,” Keynote Speakers, Cecelia Condit, Carolyn Merchant, Deb Rogers Miller.” Performances by Omaha Magic Theatre and Rosy’s Bar & Grill

1995-“Women, Life, and the Land,” Keynote Speakers, Cornelia Butler Flora, Ride into History, Lorette Picciano-Hanson, Gretchen Garner”

1996-“Women: Ourselves Among Others, Keynote Speakers, Peggy Orenstein, Page Hedden Wilson, M.L. Cornette, Forestine Renville German, and performance by The Neon Girls”


Box 1, cont.


Event Flyers and Pamphlets (1 folders)

Paste Ups

Miscellaneous (1 folder)

The Center For Continuing Education Flyer, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, S.D.

Liberal Education and the New Scholarship on Women, Association of American Colleges

Moving Ahead in Higher Education: Research By Women, University of North Dakota, 1983, Nov.3-4 (2 items)

“Planning Academic Meetings: Rewarding, but Not as Easy as Some People Think”, The Chronicle of Higher Education, n.d.

Sixth Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, Smith College, 1984, June 1-6

The Women’s Festival, University of Nebraska at Omaha, 1983, Feb. 18-20

Women’s Studies Quarterly, v. 12 no. 1, 1984, Spring

News clippings (1 folder)

“Every Woman is Urged to Read this”, Sunday World Herald, 1984, Mar.11

“Women file complaint with Civil Rights Office”, n.d.

“Women’s conference: Changing Roles of women in society”, Volante, 1984, Apr. 17

Woman’s Place: Selected Proceedings, Women’s Research Conference, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, S.D., 1985 (1 folder)


Box 2


Conference Materials (1 folder)

Miscellaneous (1 folder)

Mailing List (?)

Paper Abstracts (1 folder)

Papers (2 folders)

Davis, Dona and Harlow Hatle “Psychosomatic and Somatic Semantics: A Critique of Climacteric Symptom Categories” (2 copies)

Flaningam, Rita Rice, Shannon V. Taylor, Nancy H. Tucker and Adele S. Pittendrigh “A Comparison of Male and Female Perceived Job Satisfaction for Part-Time and Full-Time Non tenure Track Faculty” (2 copies)

Grant, Yvonne Brooks “Madness as a Means to Unity: The Golden Notebook and Surfacing” (2 copies)

Huck, George Ann “Women’s Place in the Third World”

Janeway, Elizabeth “Are Women’s rights human Rights?” (2 copies)

Kay, Jack and Janet K. Larson “The Widening Political Gender Gap (1980-1984): Male/Female Differences Toward Candidates and Current Events”

McBeth, Sally “Sacajawea: Legendary, Historical, and Contemporary Perspectives”

Sietstra, Marcia Moret “The Hermeneutical Basis of Attitudes Towards The Role of Women: An Evaluation of Contemporary Options”, (2 copies)

Box 2 cont.


Papers, cont.

Spitzer, K.R. “Women in Farming America: The Search for Equity and Recognition”

Summers, Marcia A. “Victimization, Survival and Empowerment in Wide Sargasso Sea and Daughter of Earth

Press Releases (1 folder)

Publicity Report on Women’s Conference, 1984, Feb. 10

Women’s Conference Publicity Report – Sioux City, 1984, Feb. 16

“Woman’s Place” Articles Being Published, 1984, Oct. 3



Badges and Ribbons (1 folder)

Badges, 1986, 1991, and 1992

Ribbons for members of Steering Committee, 1991, 1992, 1993 (1 folder)


Conference, 1984 (3 items)

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