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A Civil War Diary: Introduction

This site contains lesson plans for use with A Civil War Diary, a journal of every day life by a soldier of the Chatfield Guards, Company A, 2nd Minnesota Regiment.


A Civil War Diary is an account of the life and conditions experienced by an ordinary soldier serving in the Chatfield Guards in Company A, 2nd Regiment of the Minnesota Volunteer Infantry during the first two years of the war between the states. This guide provides learning resources so educators can make use of the diary's contents in their classrooms. Resources include lesson plans, web links to information that complements the diary's contents, and the opportunity for educators to submit their own lesson plans. It is hoped that this site will become a living resource as users develop and share lesson plans for use with A Civil War Diary.

The actual diary, Civil War Diary, Union Soldier, 1861-1863, is housed within the Richardson Collection, Archives and Special Collections, The University of South Dakota.

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