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About FromThePage

FromThePage is a software designed for transcribing documents and fostering collaboration on texts.
The platform enables users to view an image of a page and transcribe the corresponding text.
FromThePage prioritizes simplicity to ease the challenging task of transcription.
It is user-friendly technology that facilitates collaboration, allowing individuals to generate valuable data from historical texts.
Volunteers contribute their passion and expertise, while archives and libraries showcase their collections.
The outcomes are remarkable: uncovering insights about materials, raising public awareness of historical realities, and improving public access to records.

Functions of FromThePage

What functionalities does FromThePage offer?

FromThePage serves as a digital scholarship tool catering to researchers and instructors by providing the following capabilities:

1. Establishing a digital platform for transcribing primary source documents.
2. Exporting transcriptions for archival preservation or scholarly research purposes.
3. Facilitating community engagement for the production of high-quality translations.
4. Fostering primary document literacy among students.
5. Coordinating global volunteers for collaborative transcription projects.

While FromThePage has numerous potential applications, its primary focus lies in supporting educators in teaching students how to engage with primary source documents and aiding researchers in creating transcriptions and datasets for humanities research.

Instructors can leverage FromThePage to assign documents to specific classes, creating a collaborative space for students to transcribe or translate primary source materials. This proves particularly beneficial for handwritten manuscripts or similar documents. Instructors have the flexibility to organize and assign documents or sections to individual students, manage access privileges, and restrict document sets based on email addresses. The platform's dashboard enables easy monitoring of changes, comments, and edits to transcriptions and translations, facilitating feedback and quality control.

Researchers benefit from the tool as it aids in generating legible copies of primary source documents. By coordinating with volunteers worldwide, researchers can efficiently gather transcriptions and translations for their documents. The Benson Latin American Library has already successfully managed large-scale projects with global assistance, demonstrating that FromThePage allows researchers to create and verify high-quality transcriptions and translations.

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