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Google Scholar Basics: EndNote

Learn how to set up Google Scholar to link to USD Libraries resources

Transferring Data from Google Scholar to EndNote

While Google Scholar is a very popular and often useful way to research, it does not cleanly transfer elements such as author names, abstracts, and other citation components into EndNote.  Use with caution!

1. Go to Google Scholar, and at the top of the page,you will find a link to "Settings".

how to

2. On the Settings page at the bottom there is a section for "Bibliographic Manager."  Click on the choice to “Show links to import citations into” and then choose EndNote from the drop down menu.

how to

3. Select "Save".  (You do not need to be signed into Google to use this feature.)

4. Search for the items you need.  When you find a citation you wish to import, click on “Import into EndNote”.

how to


5. Select "OK".

6. Depending on how your browser handles downloads, the reference will appear in your library.

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