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Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition: Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition

How to get started

What is Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition?

This Database offers almost 550 full text journals focusing on many medical disciplines.

What information is availabe on Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition?

 Nearly 450 of these journals are peer-reviewed. Abstracts and indexing are offered for nearly 850 journals. Clinical Pharmacology (offering access to drug monographs for all U.S. prescription drugs and other information) is included. Full text documents are offered dating back to 1975.

How do I search Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition? 

There are three main ways of searching the Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition database: Basic, Advanced, and Visual.

Basic Search:

Under this search, you can search by Keyword, Subject, Publications or Indexes. To conduct a Keyword Basic Search, type a word or topic in the Find: Box. For example, you can type in Hepatitis.

If you want, at this point you can click on the Search button. If you search at this point, you will get full text and abstracts back from all time periods covered by the database.

Alternatively, before searching, you can refine your search by setting limits. For example, if you click in the box labeled "Full Text", only Full Text articles and documents will be included in your search. You can also expand your search by clicking next to options such as "Also search for related words".

The Basic Search for Subjects allows you to browse or search for a subject. These subjects are already created by the database so not all words used will match a specific subject title.

The Basic Search for Publications allows you to browse or search for original sources, such as specific journals. The publications are alphabetically listed.

A Medical Dictionary Basic Search is offered, which allows you to search by listed medical terms.

The Index Basic Search allows you to search the index included in the database. Under the Index Basic Search, if you type in the term Spanish and select 'language' from the drop down box, the results will offer documents in Spanish.

Advanced Search:

The Advanced Search is very similar to the Basic Search. The main difference is that the Keyword Advanced Search offers different options to search under. There are three boxes to enter terms into. To the right of these boxes are drop-down menus. You can select: TX All Text, AU Author, TI Title, SU Subject Terms, GE Geographic Terms, AB Abstract or Author-Supplied Abstract, IS ISSN, IB ISBN, SO Journal name, and AN Accession Number.


For example, if you wanted to search for Hepatitis treatments in a nursing journal with the term 'blood' in the text, you could search for Hepatitis in the Title field, Nursing in the Journal Name field, and Blood in the All Text field. If you only want full text articles, you can check the full text box.

During your Advanced Search, if you wish to view your search and result history, click on the Search History option.

Visual Search:

The Visual Search is a visual way to find what you are looking for. For example, type the word 'Hepatitis' into the search field. The results show up as a diagram of multiple subheadings; for example, Virus Liver, Communicable Disease, etc. If you select one (for example, Virus Liver), other options more specific points are given. The choices get more and more specific until an article results. The text information for this article is offered on the right-hand side.

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