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SDSL Electronic Resources

Did you know that the South Dakota State Library subscribes to 58 databases that can be accessed online?

How to Access

Type in in your browser. Click on Electronic Resources and scroll/search to find the database you wish to locate.

No login is required if you are physically within the South Dakota boundaries. If you are outside the SD boundaries, you can use the SD Library eCard or your local public library card. Ancestry Library Edition however, requires one to be physically inside the school or the library building.

Accessing the resources

In addition to the database subscription, SDSL provides links to Open Access Resources. Resources with an open lock next to the name are the OA resources. Everything else is an SDSL subscribed database.

The second column after the name of the resource is the primary audience category. This shows what group of audiences might be most interested in the resource. Click on the audience categories to be taken to a page curated with databases specifically for that audience.

The third column has short but comprehensive tutorials on each resource.

Advantages of using databases over the internet search

Technical Help, Troubleshooting, and Training

For technical help while accessing the SDSL electronic resources, use the Technical Help page for detailed instructions, handouts, files, and links. This page also provides a list of things to try if you are having trouble accessing the databases.

If you cannot get past the troubles, please contact the SDSL Electronic Resources Coordinator using the contact card on this page.

To request SDSL Electronic Resources/Databases training, use this form. The Electronic Resources Coordinator will follow up with your request as soon as possible.

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