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Archives and Special Collections - The Collections

Guide to archival resources at USD

Search for finding aids

A finding aid provides an overview of a collection and in some cases, detailed listings of the files in a collection. Looking for University records and historical documents begins with looking at the finding aids to University Archives and Richardson Collection.

Please note that finding aids are not available for all collections.  If you don't find the information you are looking for, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Policies & Procedures

Please review all of Archives and Special Collection's policies before you visit.

  • Registration is required to use materials.
  • All materials must be used within the reading room.
  • Some collections are stored off-site and require 2-5 days to retrieve.
  • Food and drink are not permitted.
  • All personal belongings will be stored while you are using materials.
  • Take notes on an electronic device or on paper using pencils.
  • Photographs of materials for research purposes are allowed.
  • Scanning or photocopying by archives staff is available for a fee. 
  • Always handle materials with care and maintain the order of pages within folders and boxes.
  • Restrictions may apply to some collections or portions of collections.

Copyright Permission

The researcher is responsible for securing permission from the copyright holder to publish or reproduce content from materials found in the collections. A&SC and USD do not own the literary rights to materials in the collections unless such rights have been specifically granted by the author, the author's heirs, or assigns. A&SC and USD do not assume any (the researcher assumes) legal responsibility for any infringement of literary, copyright or publication rights belonging to the author, heirs or assigns.

Permission to Publish

Researchers must obtain a signed Permission to Publish Form if they wish to reproduce, broadcast, or otherwise disseminate information from published and unpublished works held by A&SC. Permission to reproduce, broadcast, or otherwise disseminate information materials from A&SC does not constitute permission from the holder of copyright or literary rights. In granting permission to publish materials held in the A&SC, USD does not surrender its own right to thereafter publish materials or grant others permission to publish them. A more detailed list of the Permission to Publish conditions is available upon request. 

Preferred citation

[identification of item], collection title, Richardson Collection, Archives and Special Collections, The University of South Dakota, or [identification of item], collection title, USD Archives, Archives and Special Collections, The University of South Dakota.



  • $5.00 for each scan under 600ppi - any file format (excludes slides, 35mm negatives, yearbooks and newspapers)
  • $10.00 for each scan 600ppi and over as well as all scans of slides, 35mm negatives, yearbooks, and newspapers - any file format

Digital Camera

  • $30.00 per hour within the SD BOR system / $35.00 per hour outside the SD BOR system
  • 1 hour minimum charge
  • After the first hour of service, fees are charged in 15 minute increments.


  • Photocopier can produce paper copies or PDF digital copies.
  • $0.10 for each page

Storage disc

  • $2.25 for each CD-R provided by the Archives and Special Collections.

Administrative charge

  • For all orders and requests that are fulfilled by the University Libraries and delivered through the U.S. Mail or other delivery service, file transfer or email; there is a $7.50 administrative charge.
  • The administrative charge does not apply to USD faculty, staff, and students.


Sales tax and/or postage may be added to charges where appropriate. 

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