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Richardson Collection Finding Aids

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Aadland, Gordan correspondence with Al Neuharth
Abourezk, James G.
Abourezk, James G., Wounded Knee, 1973 Series [See Abourezk, James C.]
Account Books, South Dakota [in remote storage]
Akeley, Lewis Ellsworth
Albertson, George P. Photographs and Postcards [In Single Folder Collection]
American Association of University Women 
American Council on Education
American Revolution Bicentennial Collection
Amiotte, Arthur
Amundson, Marjorie C.J. Lifto
Anderberg, Ina
Anderson, Rebecca collection on Whiteclay, Nebraska
Anderson, Sigurd, 1904-1990
Anderson, Vivian Lucille Steen photographs
Audio Visual collection
Austin, Horace J 
Autograph collection


Barkl, Charles E. and Ronald Oakley
Bates, Maurice K.
Beaty, Donald collection of Peter Norbeck and W.H. King correspondence [In Single Folder Collection]
Beebe, H.E.
Beede Family
Bellamy, Paul E.
Berdahl, Clarence A. (Clarence Arthur), 1890-1990
Beresford Train Depot
Bernhardt, Gerd [In Single Folder Collection
Betzer, Roy J
Birds of South Dakota
Blachnik, Robert
Black Hills Playhouse [See Lee, Warren Marion]
Bodmer, Karl Reproductions of Illustrations to Maximilian Prince of Wied's Travels in the Interior of North America

Boe, Nils A., 1913-1992
Bowersox, Caroline Collection of William Henry Jackson Photochroms
Breeden, Jane Rooker
Brenckle, Jacob F.
Brookman, Harold Edwin
Broughall, V.V.H. [textiles]
Brownson Family History [In Single Folder Collection]
Bulow House
Burton, Frederick Cullen, 1919-1945
Busch, Martin [in remote storage]
Bushfield, Harlan John, 1882-1948 


Camp Wanzer Records
Case, Ralph H.  
Cash, Joseph H. 
Chant, James H.
Christol, Carl, 1872-1964
Christopherson, Charles A.
Churchill, Edward P.  
Civil War Diary, Union Soldier, 1861-1863 [In Single Folder Collection]
Clark, Badger, 1883-1957 [In Single Folder Collection]

Clay County, South Dakota, Schools  
Clem, Alan
Clifford, Perry [In Single Folder Collection]
Cobb, Henry
Command [See Moses, Lloyd R.]
Cooper-Foote, Dorothy (Wright)
Country School Legacy
COVID-19 [In Single Folder Collection]
Cramer, Petrea Diaries
Crowl, Herman E.
Cruickshank, Thomas [In Single Folder Collection]
Cummins, Cedric, 1908-1980


Dakota Farmers' Alliance Company [In Single Folder Collection]
Dakota Territory, Bureau of Immigration [In Single Folder Collection]
Dakota Writing Project
Day, John collection on Arthur Amiotte
Day, John collection on Robert (Bobby) Penn
Dickinson, William E.  
Dillon, Charles H. and Frances J. Scrapbook
Dimmick, Lauretta [in remote storage]


Edelen, Mary B.
Edwards, Edward H. [In Single Folder Collection]
Egge, Ruth March
Ehrensperger, Edward Charles,  1895-1984
Eisenman, Father Sylvester O.S.B., 1891-1948


Fahsing, William Frederick  
Farber, William O. (Karl Mundt Foundation)
Farrar, Frank L., 1969-1971
Federal Writers' Project, Works Progress Administration [See Works Progress Administration]
Fine, Mary Jean collection of Thomas Hunter Diaries
Fish Survey Notebook, South Dakota [In Single Folder Collection]
Fite, Gilbert C.
Fites, Gilbert G.
Fort Sully Diary [In Single Folder Collection]
Foss, Joseph Jacob, 1915-2003
Fossler, Harold Ray
Frantz, Alfred A., 1908-1993  
Friggens, Paul, 1909-
Frost, Alfred Sidney, 1858-1922


General Land Office maps
Geological Survey (U.S.) atlases and folios
Gilroy, Leo
Gleed, James Willis, 1859- [In Single Folder Collection]
Grass, Richard Deo
Gray, Sanford [See USD Archives, Education Media film collection]
Gubbrud, Archie M., 1910-1987
Gutch, Charley and Elizabeth (Betty) [in remote storage]


Hammond, Dephane  
Hanson, Joseph Mills, 1876 - 1960  
Harnois, Rick D. [In Single Folder Collection]
Hasse, Merten and Gladys
Hasselstrom, Linda
Herseth, Ralph, 1909-1969
Hilderbrand, Robert
Historical Records Survey, Works Progress Administration [See Works Progress Administration]
Hitchcock, Gilbert Monell, 1859-1934  
Hodgin, E. Stanton scrapbook
Hoover, Herbert Theodore, 1930-
Horst, Marilyn collection of aerial photographs
Howe, Oscar, 1915-1983
Hoy, Carl Blythe, 1893-1973
Hoy, Hazel diaries


Indian Community Action Project (ICAP)
Indian Schools [See Reservation Schools]
Inter-Allied Games [In Single Folder Collection]

Janklow, William J.

Jolley, John Lawlor, 1840-1926
Jones, Mildred McEwan
Jorgensen, Theodore Prey [In Single Folder Collection]


Kaufman, Fred S., 1902-
Keith, Arthur Leslie, 1874-1942  
Kennedy, Cornelius B.
Kneip, Richard F. (Richard Francis), 1933-1987
Knutson, Wayne S. 
Koch, Jean Soulier
Krueger, Caroline Kruse correspondence


Lacey, Charles
Lame Johnny Press
Lee, Andrew Erickson, 1847-1934
Lee, R. Alton
Lee, Warren Marion, 1908-1978
Leonias, Joe [In Single Folder Collection]
Lewis, D.S. [In Single Folder Collection]
Lewis, Martin J. Diary
Lightner, Mahlon T. [In Single Folder Collection]
Little Wound School [In Single Folder Collection]
Lommen, Grace D. Eldridge
Loucks, Henry Langford, 1986-1928  
Louisiana Purchase Exposition Commission [In Single Folder Collection]
Lowe, Richard Barrett, 1902-1972
Lyon, William H.


Maag, Albert J., 1891-1965
Manfred, Frederick  
Marek, Robert C.
Maroukis, Tom
Mattson, Donald L. [In Single Folder Collection]
McFatridge, Arthur E., 1867-1943  
McKusick, Marshall Bassford, 1930-
McMaster, William Henry, 1877-1968
McVay, Chester B. [In Single Folder Collection]
Mellette, Arthur Calvin, 1842-1896
Mickelson, George Theodore, 1903-1965
Miller, Elliot V. files on Karl H. Wegner
Miller, Norman E.
Miller, Warner D. [In Single Folder Collection]
Mills, Ellen S. [In Single Folder Collection]
Milton, John R. 
Missouri River Basin Project
Morrison, Joseph G.
Moses, Lloyd Roosevelt, 1904-2000  
Moses, Lloyd Roosevelt, Command Papers
Moses, Ruth West
Mossman, E.D. Report on Standing Rock Reservation [In Single Folder Collection]


National Archives Record Group 75, Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Special Cases 1821-1907
National Archives Tribal Records
National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
National Organization for Women (NOW), Vermillion Chapter  
Newcastle-Vermillion Bridge Committee
Nielson, P. Raymond [In Single Folder Collection]
No Business Magazine [In Single Folder Collection]
Noll, Bruce Alan
Norbeck, Peter, 1870-1936
Norbeck/Wegner Family papers
North Central Conference (NCC)
Norway Township, Clay County, South Dakota 


Ochsenreiter, Louis G.   
Oglala Sioux Tribal Council
Opening of Sisseton Wahpeton Reservation [In Single Folder Collection]
Over, W. H. (William Henry)


Painter, John S.
Parmley, J.W.
Penn, Robert L.
Petersen, Elmore
Peterson, August, 1869-1950 
Peterson, Eric Frank [In Single Folder Collection]
Peterson, Peter William [In Single Folder Collection]
Philip, George
Plains Anthropological Society (PAS)   
Playbill Collection
Porter, Melinda Camber  [In Single Folder Collection]
Pressler, Larry, 1942-
Public Document Study Commission
Pyle, Gladys, 1890-
Pyle, Mamie I (Shields), 1866-1949


Ranney, Brooks
Raptor Research Foundation
Redfield, South Dakota and World War I [In Single Folder Collection]
Rediscovering the barns of Clay County, South Dakota
Reservation Schools  
Richardson Photograph Collection
Roberts County Workers and Farmers Defense Committee [In Single Folder Collection]
Rolfe, Leanne [In Single Folder Collection]
Rothrock, Edgar Paul, 1889-
Rubida, Ruth [in remote storage]


Schell, Allan H. collection of Campaign Buttons, Pins, and Political Ephemera
Schell, Herbert Samuel, 1899-1994
Scholten, Adrian H. [In Single Folder Collection]
Scrapbooks, Richardson collection
Scott, George Prescott  
Scribner, Kent
Selz, William notebooks
Sharpe, Merrell Quentin, 1888-1962
Sheet Music
Shields, Milford E. [In Single Folder Collection]
Shoemaker, Gretchen Gall
Shorock, Don collection of road maps
Shunk, Harold, 1907-1998
Sioux Indians, Canada [In Single Folder Collection]
Slaughter, Donald
Smith, Effie Farris [In Single Folder Collection]
Smith, Henry and Jennie Photographs
Sougstad, Mike [In Single Folder Collection]
South Dakota Academy of Science papers [In Single Folder Collection]
South Dakota Advocacy Network for Women
South Dakota Association For Communication and Technology
South Dakota Constitutional Revision Commission  
South Dakota Depository Library Program
South Dakota High Schools directories
South Dakota Library Association (SDLA) 
South Dakota Public Broadcasting
South Dakota Publications
South Dakota Review
South Dakota Schools and Universities
South Dakota Sports Institute [In Single Folder Collection]
South Dakota State Fair [In Single Folder Collection]
South Dakota State Library Commission
Spearfish, South Dakota [In Single Folder Collection]
St. Francis Indian Mission Calendars [In Single Folder Collection]
St. Francis Mission Records, William Stolzman
Stephan, South Dakota
Sterling, A.P.
Sterling, Everett W.
Stilwell, Wilber M.
Swan, G.N. [In Single Folder Collection]
Swedish Pioneers Historical Society [In Single Folder Collection]


Tarbell, Wright
Thomas, Norman E 
Todd, John Blair Smith, 1814-1872  
Townsley, Mabel  
Trimble, Charles E.
Trimble, Charles, Native American newspaper collection [in remote storage]
Trinity Danish Lutheran Church  
Trojan Mining Company


University and College Accreditation Material
U.S.G.S. Topographic Maps
USS South Dakota [In Single Folder Collection]


Valandra, Cato, 1921-1986
Van Voorhis, F.L. [In Single Folder Collection]
Vermillion Artists' Series Association [In Single Folder Collection]
Vermillion Literary Project  
Vermillion Pathfinders
Vermillion, South Dakota   
Vessey, Robert S. proclamations  [In Single Folder Collection]
Vietnam Veterans, South Dakota Oral History
Visser, Audrae, [In Single Folder Collection]


Wall Drug
Wasesa Club, Vermillion, South Dakota  
Weeks, I.D. and Virginia
Wegner, Karl 
Western Governors' Regional Energy Policy Office (WGREPO)
Wheeler, Anna Johnson Pell
Wickens, David L.
Williams, Elizabeth Evenson [In Single Folder Collection]
Williamson, William, 1875-1972
Wilson, Alvin Scrapbook
Wilson, Oliver King, 1887-1955   
Women's Research Conference - USD   
Woodworth, Milton
Woolworth, Alan Official Dakota Indian Scout Roster [In Single Folder Collection]
Works Progress Administration [in remote storage]
Works Progress Administration Records
Works Progress Administration Maps
Works Progress Administration, Original Drawings, South Dakota
Works Progress Administration, Writers Project Series, Box 34 [See Works Progress Administration Records]
World Archaeological Congress [in remote storage]
World's Columbian Exposition
Worthen, Bill [In Single Folder Collection]
Wounded Knee Occupation - 1973 [See Abourezk, James G.]
Wounded Knee Survivors Association   
Wounded Knee trial transcripts


Yankton Sioux Tribe v. United States   
Yellow Robe, Rosebud [In Single Folder Collection]
Young Citizens League   


Zimmerman, Larry J., 1947-

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