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RED Submission Instructions

Author(s) is a single line text and search-based field that allows you to enter the names, affiliations, and email addresses for the author(s) of your work.

how to

A few notes about this field:

  1. Search for an author. If you or another author of your work has previously published in ScholarlyCommons, your/their author information should be available. Search by last name or email (these seem to work best). Select the name (if it appears), and all of the fields will be automatically filled in. Please note that there may be duplicate names for a single author; please select the most complete record. If an author's name does not appear, the data will have to be entered in separately (described in the next section). 
  2. Edit the entry. Clicking it will bring up all of the fields for that record (Email, First, Middle, Last, Suffix, Institution).
  3. Delete the entry.
  4. Add a new line. There should be one line for every person who helped author the work you are adding. 
  5. Enter authors in the order they appear on the title page. If you enter all of the authors and realize that one or more of them are out of order, you can change the number in this box to reflect their order in the title page, and the system will automatically readjust the rest of the authors.

Adding Authors to the Author field

  1. If there are multiple authors, they should be entered in the order they appear on the title page of the work.
  2. Add authors using the search bar. If the author does not appear, follow the steps to manually enter the author.
  3. Manually enter author information, if the author does not appear after searching. 
    • Email field: For USD faculty, include their email address. If you do not know the email address, you may search for faculty email addresses in the online directory. For USD students and non-USD authors, do not include an email address.
    • First name: Enter the author’s first name or initial (with a period after the initial).
    • Middle name: Enter the author’s middle initial (if applicable) with no period – the period will be automatically inserted by the system after submission.
    • Last name: Enter the author’s last name.
    • Institution: Enter University of South Dakota for all USD authors; for non-USD authors, you may choose to enter their institute, research center, etc. at the time the paper was published.
      • NoteIf the publication was issued before the author was affiliated with USD, use “University of South Dakota” as the institutional affiliation for the author and include an explanatory paragraph in the Comments box.
  4. Continue to add authors as needed.

Note on Accents

If the author’s name has accented or other special characters, you may be able to generate these characters by replacing them with HTML codes (see here for a complete list of HTML codes). 

  • Example: Andrés --> Andrés
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