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Creating Answerable Questions using PICO (TT)

Handouts for Nurse Residents

Hierarchy of Evidence Based on Study Design


Most programs would not use ALL of these options, but a variation of PICO, PICOT, PICOTT, or PICOTS. 

Created by Physicians. Richardson, E.S., Wilson, M. C., Nishikawa, J., & Hayward R. S. The well-built clinical question: A key to evidence-based decisions. ACP Journal Club. PMID 7582737

AJN - American Journal of Nursing EBP

Evidence-Based Practice, part 1: Developing and Searching the Clinical Question (July 2010 Issue) 

Evidence-Based Practice, part 2: Critical Appraisal of the Evidence (January 2011 Issue)

Evidence-Based Practice, part 3: Implementation (August 2011 Issue) 


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