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Physical Therapy: Citing Sources

The purpose of this guide is to organize the most relevant USD Library resources for clinicians, students, and faculty within the discipline of Physical Therapy.

USD Resources

How to cite DynaMed

Citing DynaMed

To provide the most detail regarding currency of theDynaMed topic cited, include the date when the topic was accessed and the date when the topic was last updated. The lastupdate is noted immediately under the topic title when you access the topic online.

For example:
DynaMed. (2008, March 8). Acetaminophen poisoning. Ipswich, MA:EBSCO Publishing. Retrieved March 23, 2010, from

Books: APA Style Citations

Created by the American Psychological Association. The most recent edition of the APA Publication Manual can be found in the Reference area of the University Libraries.

Citing your Sources

Consider using a citation management software, such as Endnote, to simplify the process of collecting, organizing, and formatting your citations. The library offers group instruction or individual consultation for EndNote.

  • We have a University-wide site license for EndNote which enables you to load it onto your office & personal computers at NO cost.

In the biomedical sciences and allied health fields, the most popular citation styles are the APA Style (American Psychological Association) and Vancouver Style (also known as the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals (

APA style is commonly used in the allied health fields, including Physical Therapy. For more information on APA style formatting, see box below.

AMA Citation Style Guides

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