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Mathematics Resources

This LibGuide is set up to assist you in identifying key resources in the field of Mathematics subscribed to or owned by the USD University Libraries


Treatises are historical summaries. They usually provide complete and authoritative compilations and summaries of the subject in question. Treatises often suggest areas of future research. There is no sharp distinction between an advanced textbook and a treatise, but a treatise usually does not include introductory material that may be needed by the non-subject specialists. An important characteristic of the treatise is that it is well documented, providing citations of the original articles. 

Reviews provide up-to-date view of a topic and are often published in physics journals. Review articles are very useful not only do they summarize recent developments in a field but they provide extensive bibliographies. Reviews are also published in book series. Reviews and Treatises are 2° literature.

Treaties/Reviews Held in the Library:

Mathematical treaties/ reviews and books series are collected selectively and classified separately

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