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Vermillion, South Dakota

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Box 1


Andrews, Elva Cornelius to Ellwood C. Perisho (Prof.), ca. Nov. 1909

w/ encl. “A Few of the Things that Elva Cornelius Andrews Has to be Thankful For, Thanksgiving, 1909”

Taylor, Franklin to Jacob Denel, 16 December 1888

Rothrock, E. P. (State Geologist) to Cedric Cummins (Prof.), 22 June 1954


125 Prospect, Vermillion, South Dakota

212 Prospect, Vermillion, South Dakota

Lots 3 and 4 in Block 3 of Hanson’s Addition, Vermillion, South Dakota

W1/2 of NW1/4 and NW1/4 of SW1/4 of Sec1and E1/2 of NE1/4 and NE1/4 of SE1/4 of Sec2, T92, R52, Clay County, South Dakota


Books: (5 folders)

Christopherson, Dan. Downtown Vermillion Historic District: A project of the Clay County Historic Preservation Commission. 2003. (Master copy)

Christopherson, Dan. Downtown Vermillion Historic District: A project of the Clay County Historic Preservation Commission. 2003. (Copy)

Jacobson, Kevin P. Documenting Vermillion’s rich cultural heritage: A sesquicentennial project. City of Vermillion’s Preserve American Grant Application and Attachments. Submitted December 13, 2005 by the Vermillion Sesquicentennial Task Force.

Jordan, George T. Vermillion and vicinity. J.E. Jonnason, 1901.

Lathrop, A.H. Vermillion reminiscences: Notes on the early days of Vermillion, South Dakota; Its people and institutions. Reprint of series of articles published in the Dakota Republican and the Plain Talk. 1920?-1960.

Thaden, Tom. Tour of Vermillion downtown historic district. Vermillion, SD: State Historical Preservation Commission, 2008 (first printing).

Brochures: (2 folders)

The Bluffs (Multi-level Gulf Course and Residential Development), n.d.

Resident and Visitor Information

Know Your Town. ca. 1972

Snow Control Brochure. 1990

Vermillion Briefs. August 1995

Vermillion: Home of the University of South Dakota. ca. 1940s (2 copies)

Box 1 cont.


Clay County: (3 folders)


Burbank High School, His Uncle’s Niece, A Farce in Three Acts. by Raymond W. Sargent, 28 April 1933

Dalesburg Bank Concert, 23 February 1934

Prairie Center Community Club, Mrs. Briggs of the Poultry Yard. 10 March 1934

National Swedish Ladies’ Concerts, City Hall, 17 Nov. 1890

Map of Clay County Place Names, from Moses, Lloyd R. Clay County place names. (Vermillion, SD: Clay County Historical Society, 1978), Supplement. map shows abandoned houses, airfield, area designations, cemeteries, churches, creeks, houses, schools, Spirit Mound, highways, towns, townships, township halls

Clay Rural Water System, ca. 1975

Newspaper Clippings: (3 folders)

Minneapolis Sunday Tribune

“Anna’s Place: Boarding House ‘Slows Down’ After 45 Years,” (Anna Vaith) 24 November 1957

Sioux Falls Argus Leader

“Boarding House Reach Not Always Necessary,” (Anna Vaith), 22 May 1977

“Water Project Almost Finished,” 29 June 1980

Vermillion Plain Talk

“Six Small White Marble Headstones are Symbol of Diphtheria in Vermillion,” n.d.

“Vermillion was Physically Demolished, but it’s Moral Fiber Stood the Test,” 25 March 196?

“After 1880, Vermillion and Big Mo Changed, One Went South, Other North,” 18 February 1965

“Railroad Plans Made in 1872,” 3 June 1965

“New Historical Society to Form-Seek City History,” 17 February 1969 & 24 February 1969

Vermillion Chamber of Commerce: (5 folders)

Community Profiles, n.d., 1978, 1981

General Information, churches, schools, realtors, eating establishments, lodging, n.d.

Maps, total of 5, ca. 2004, n.d.

Program of Action. 1986

Promotional Brochures, ca. 1940s, 1970s, 1980s, 1996

Vermillion Development Company: (1 folder)

Economic Profiles, 1974-1977, 1989

Vermillion High School: (4 folders)

Activities/Athletics Handbook, 1993-1994

Diploma, 1918, May Coverdale

Programs, Commencement, 1975 & 1979

Programs, Plays, 1933-1934

Vermillion Middle School: (1 folder)

Student Handbook, 1984-1985

Vermillion Parks and Recreation: (1 folder)

Guides, 1994-1996

Box 1 cont.


Cummins, Cedric. “The Military Road.” n.d.

Box 2



Business cards

Calendars, 2009

City Hall groundbreaking ceremony programs, September 17, 2007

City Hall groundbreaking ceremony speech by Dan Christopherson, September 17, 2007

City Hall dedication ceremony programs, April 30, 2009

Community Guide, 2009, Vermillion South Dakota the Place to Be

Ecumenical Worship Service programs, August 9, 2009

In Every Generation: An original musical photograph play program, July 10-13, 2009

List of mayors 1877 to 2010 and city managers 1966 to 2005, compiled August 19, 2008

Ratingen Wind-Band programs, August 6, 2009

Looking Back: 150 years of history

Nebraska Journal Leader (Ponca, Nebraska), July 30, 2009

Plain Talk commemorative edition, July 31, 2009

Press & Dakotan, August 7, 2009

Box 3



Vermillion High School, Basketball Team, [1940’s?], total of 5 8x10 negatives

Box 4



City Managers 1966-1989

Miller, Michael G. (1966-1970)

McClain, C. Kent (1970-1973)

Weinaug, Carl D. (1974-1983)

Antonen, James W. (1983-1989)

Mayors 1877-2010

Jolley, John L. (1877-1878, 1885-1886)

Burdick, F. N. (1878-1885, 1886-1887, 1890-1892)

Kidder, S. W. (1887-1889)

Palmer, S. N. (1889-1889)

Lee, Andrew E. (1892-1896)

Swezey, L. T. (1896-1898)

Cox, Frederick W. (1898-1900)

Hansen, H. E. (1900-1903)

Ferry, H. L. (1904-1911)

Prentis, Charles E. (1913-1916)

Lyons, R. F. (1916-1918)

Beede, W. H. (1918-1921)

Thompson, M. L. (1921-1923)

Cavanaugh, P. T. (1932-1934)

Frankenfeld, H. W. (1947-1948)

Jarmuth, W. H. (1949-1951, 1954-1956)

Leer, Ralph H. (1952-1954, 1960-1962)

Patterson, R. F. (1956-1960)

Barstow, John T. (1962-1974)

Amant, Charles L. (1974-1976)

Parry, Lester J. (1976-1980)

Woodman, Charles (1980-1982)

Offerdahl, Merle (1982-1988)

Lynn, Betty (1988-1992)

Sammelson, Grant (1992-1994)

Radigan, William J. (1994-2001)

Kozak, Roger L. (2001-2004)

Christopherson, Daniel D. (2004-2010)

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