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Library Resources for the USD - Sioux Falls: Test Yourself

This LibGuide is designed to help USD - SF students, faculty and staff locate and access library resources.

Finding and Citing Good Information

Do you know when and how to give credit when using someone else's work in you paper? What makes a source "scholarly" anyway?  Here's a quick quiz to find out if your ready to research that paper.  Try to answer each question, then click the question to see the correct answer. If you have more than a few wrong answers you may want to review the pages of this Libguide for reference.

1. True or False. Wikipedia is generally considered a scholarly source.

2. True or False. I got my article from a Google search that anyone can do, that makes it common knowledge.

3. True or False. Rephrasing another person's work is a good way to avoid plagiarism.

4. True or False. Once you cite an author you are free to use their work throughout your paper.

5. True or False. A peer reviewed source is a scholarly source.

6. True or False. A refereed source is a scholarly source.

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