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RED Submission Instructions

Date of this Version is a date field used to indicate when the work was published in a journal or other medium.

The minimum required piece of information is the year. If you are submitting a work which may have a more specific date, use the following guidelines:

  • Journal Article
    • If the journal has a month/day/year, use that.
    • If the journal has month, use the first day of month. 
    • If the journal has year, use Jan. 1.
    • If the journal has a season (i.e., Spring), use Spring 2016.
  • Conference Paper
    • Use day month year of first day of conference, if available.
  • Where no other date info is available
    • Check if there is a date on the document itself somewhere.
    • If uploading a Word document, use file creation date.
    • If nothing else available, use today’s date.
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