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RED Submission Instructions

Abstract is a paragraph text field used to display the abstract of a work. If you have one, please enter it into this box as it appears in your work. 

If you enter an abstract into this box via copy/paste, be sure to paste into the HTML Source Editor, not the box on the submission page:

  • Open the HTML Source Editor by clicking on the “HTML” button in the editing pane of the abstract box, then paste in the empty window.  Select “Update” in the bottom right hand corner of the window when finished. 
  • Continuing editing using the tools in the editing pane of the abstract box, or in the HTML window using HTML tags. 

Please read thoroughly and completely through every abstract that you copy and paste and compare the entered version to the original word for word! In particular, look out for these issues:

  • How single and double quotes appear
  • Usage of special symbols, including Greek, mathematical, logical, or other special characters (see here for a complete list of HTML special character codes).
  • Incorrect conversion of the letters f or ff. For example, "ff", "fl", or "fi" might disappear causing a word like "difficult" to change to "di cult". This is a problem with the conversion from the PDF to the text format when you copy. 
  • End-of-line hyphens which are no longer necessary.
  • Unnecessary line breaks
  • Italicized or bolded words as well as subscripts and superscripts
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