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RED Submission Instructions

Comments is a paragraph text field used to display extra information that might be important to a reader. In addition to sharing useful contextual information with readers, please use the Comments field in the following instances (if applicable):

  • Author affiliation statement. If you published the work before you were affiliated with University of South Dakota, please enter the following explanatory paragraph in the Comments box:
    • Template: At the time of publication, author [AUTHOR NAME] was affiliated with [INSTITUTION NAME]. Currently, (s)he is a faculty member at the [SCHOOL/DEPT NAME] at the University of South Dakota.
    • Example: At the time of publication, author J. Scott Armstrong was affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Currently (June 2006), he is a faculty member in the Marketing Department of the Wharton School at the University of South Dakota

Please note that if you are copying and pasting any information into this box, click on the HTML button, which will bring up a new window for the HTML Source Editor.

Paste your information into this box and click Update. Review the updated Comments box to make sure all of the information is correct and properly formatted (you will likely have to reapply formatting such as italics and bold).

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