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RED Submission Instructions

Disciplines is a select/remove field that determines the “Commons” in which your work will appear in the Digital Commons network. The Digital Commons network is a larger repository populated by works from all of the institutions using Bepress, the platform that powers USD RED.

The disciplines you choose from when submitting your paper are the same disciplines which appear in the Discipline Wheel on the RED main page – choose as many as apply to your work. Adding more specific areas will increase the visibility of your paper in the Digital Commons network and in RED.

Some disciplines should already appear in the “Selected” box. You may remove these disciplines using the “<< Remove” button in between the two boxes.

To add disciplines:

  • Expand and contract the discipline areas in the “Available” box using the + and – buttons.
  • The discipline areas become more specific as you expand the areas.
  • Choose the discipline area(s) which relate to your topic.  You may add a discipline by selecting it in the “Available” box and then clicking the   “Select >>” button in between the two boxes.  Your selection should now appear in the “Selected” box.
  • Choose the most specific discipline area(s) which relate to your paper.


If, for example, you add the discipline “American Film Studies” (as highlighted above), your paper will appear in the “American Film Studies,” “American Studies,” and “Arts and Humanities” Commons.

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