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Gartner Research

Access to Gartner Research is provided by USD's Information Technology Services

Gartner Overview

What is Gartner Research?

gartner log  

University of South Dakota faculty, students and staff have access to Gartner Research.  Among the research that can be found in Gartner are items on:

  • Technology products, services, and trends
  • Global IT industry perspectives
  • IT management and organizations
  • IT strategies and governance
  • Business-IT issues
  • Real-world case studies

Gartner is known for Hype Cycles that track the adoption of types of technologies, such as Emerging TechnologiesSmart Government, and Human-Computer Interaction.

Access to Gartner Research is provided by USD's Information Technology Services.

Using Gartner

How do I Use Gartner?

To access Gartner Research, Information Technology Services has provided a link to the Gartner database which can be accessed in the Libraries' A-Z Databases from the library website and portal.  You must begin from this link every time you access Gartner in order to have access to the full content available to USD faculty, students and staff.

Locate the Gartner Research link and login with your USD login and password. If you don't know your USD login or password, go to and from there you can find your USD email account or reset your password as necessary. Once you've logged in, you'll be taken to the Gartner site. Note: You will receive an email to your USD email account confirming that you have set up an account at Gartner.

Once you're logged into Gartner, you have access to a range of options:

gartner home page

The search box is at the upper right of the main page. Once you've searched, you can narrow your results or set up alerts to track new reports and information.

searching Gartner


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