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SD BRIN: Additional Resources

South Dakota Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network

Web Sources

PubMed Database

SD BRIN scholars may also use PubMed, which is a useful and FREE database.  The the links below will help you to navigate PubMed. If you need the full text of an article citation you have found, use the journal article request form under the SD BRIN Assistance tab within this guide. 

  • PubMed
    Use PubMed to search for citations to articles published in over 4,000 biomedical sciences journals.
  • PubMed Guide
    Guide to help you get familiar with PubMed. 

Selected Recent Publications from BRIN Faculty and Students

Augustana University

Bijoy K. Dey, Kapsch, T., Truex, N. & Fick, R. (2014). Published an article in the Journal of Molecular Physics:
Computing reaction paths of a bifurcation reaction: an action wave-front-based perspective

Black Hills State University 

Anderson, C., & Seimens, D. (2016). Published an article AoB Plants: 

Epigenetics of drought-induced trans-generational plasticity; consequences for range limit development.

Dakota Wesleyan University

Dosch, J., Hadley, E., Wiese, C., Soderberg, M., Houwman, T., Ding, K., Kharazova, A., Collins, J.L., van Knippenberg, B., Gregory, C., & Kofman, A. (2017) Published in Cell Cycle:

Time-lapse microscopic observation of non-dividing cells in cultured human osteosarcoma MG-63 cell line.

Mount Marty College 

Haag, N. Wu, C. along with undergraduate students Kimberly Velk and Tyler McCune. (2015).  Published an article in World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology: 

Bioinformatics and Molecular Biological Characterization of a Hypothetical Protein SAV1226 as a Potential Drug Target for Methicillin/Vancomycin-Staphylococcus aureus Infections

University of South Dakota 

Messerli, S.M., Hoffman, M. Gnimpieba, E., Bhardwaj, R. D. (2017)  Published in Molecular Cancer Research:

Therapeutic Targeting of PTK7 is Cytotoxix in Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumers

Herrera, A., K. Suso, S., Allison, A., Simon, E. Schlenker, & Huber, V. C., & Chaussee, M. S. (2017). Published in Microbiology.

Binding Host Proteins to the M Protein Contributes to the Mortality Associated with Influenza–Streptococcus Pyogenes Superinfections

Submitting Publications to PubMed


  1.       Visit the NIH Manuscript Submissions Page 


  2.       Choose a login method.

  • NIHMS currently supports four account types: NIH, eRA Commons, My NCBI, and HHMI. If you currently have an account with one of these groups, please click on the appropriate link in the sign-in box on the homepage and use those account credentials to sign in to the NIHMS system.
  • NIH intramural and extramural researchers, as well as eRA Commons account holders, should use the NIH and eRA Commons sign-in options, respectively. HHMI investigators should sign in through the HHMI sign-in route.
  • My NCBI users and users without any of the above accounts can sign in through the My NCBI route.
  • Accounts are not automatically linked or aliased, so users are encouraged to choose one account and use that for all subsequent visits. If a user cannot remember whether or not he/she has an account or which account was previously used to process a submission, please use the “Request e-mail reminder” feature in the sign-in box on the homepage or contact the Help Desk.
  • For illustrated sign-in instructions, see the Step-by-Step Tutorials page.

  3.       Once logged in, select the "Submit a New Manuscript" button.

  4.       Enter manuscript title, and journal title. 

  5.       Select "Add Funding". 

  6.       Enter the grant information. Make sure you include all sources of funding. Once you have all the grant information entered. Click “Upload Files.”

 7.       Select the type and upload all files. You need to include a Label for any figure or table files. Eg: Fig. 1, Table 2, etc. 

 8.       Review pdf receipt. 

 9.       Click to view your pdf Receipt. 

10.      Once you have ensured everything is correct, select "Set Reviewer and Embargo". 

11.      As an author you are not required to have another author review the submission. If you are submitting the manuscript on behalf of one of the authors, you must provide the author(s) email address in order for them to review the submission. 

12.      Select the embargo period required by your publisher, then click "Approve".

13.      Review submission statement. 

14.      Click "Agree" to finalize approval. 

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