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This guide will lead you through the process of downloading, installing, and setting up Endnote on your computer.

Word 2007

Word 2007 – During the EndNote X3 installation process a new menu item is added to your menu bar.

This menu links you directly to EndNote and allows you to insert, edit, and manipulate the citations in your document.

Please note that you should have your references in your EndNote library before you start.  If you need to add references while you are writing, you can import them into EndNote and they will be ready for you to use immediately.

Also, be aware that one of the unique functions of EndNote is that it generates a bibliography/references cited section at the end of your document.  As you insert citations, it will automatically populate, alphabetize, and update this section.  This will eliminate your need to create this list at the end of your document – it’s automatic!


Insert Citation – While you are writing, you can insert citations as you need them.

The current or last used EndNote library is used. (make sure set this in your preferences)


Citation Search – Once you have clicked on “Insert Citation,” the search window will open.

This window is connected to the EndNote library.

Enter your search term in the box and click “Find.”

A preview window with the citation(s) will appear below.

Select the citation(s) you want to put in your document and click “Insert.”

Note that you have options by the “Insert” button that will allow you to edit your inline citation.


Inserted Citation – The default information will appear as a citation where you left your cursor.

If you move your cursor over the citation, it will highlight grey indicating that you can edit it in Word.


Edit Citation – You have the ability to edit citations in your document by clicking on the “Edit Citations” link in the Citations toolbar.

These edits affect your document and not the record in your EndNote library.



Style – You can change the style of your citations at any time by clicking on the “Select Another Style” link in the pulldown Style menu.

Selecting this link will open the style manager window.



Style Manager – Choose the appropriate style and click “OK.”

This will reformat all of the inline and bibliography/references cited citations in your document.


Default – Annotated style . . .


Selected – American Journal of Physical Anthropology style . . .

You will notice that the major change is in the “References Cited” section of the document.


Update Citations – If you have made multiple changes during your writing, you should click on “Update Citations and Bibliography” in the Bibliography menu just to make sure that your chosen style has been applied to all citation elements of your document.








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