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Apps and Mobile Resources for Health Sciences and Medicine

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Step 1: Access Your Institution’s Subscriptions:

  • On desktop or mobile browser, navigate to your institutional subscription to an applicable Access Medical site, e.g., AccessMedicine (see McGraw Hill Medical homepage for complete list of Access Medical digital collections). Please note your access may be provided through your institution’s library website, intranet or VPN. You should see your institutional affiliation in the upper-right sign in area in the applicable Access Medical sites (“Access provided by [your institution’s name and/or logo]”).

Step 2: Sign In/Create Your Access Profile:

  • In any applicable Access Medical site to which your institution subscribes, sign into your Access profile in the upper-right of the site or create your profile. More information about creating an Access profile can be found here (or see the "Access Profile" box in this guide).

Step 3: Install the App:

On your mobile device, navigate to the appropriate link to install the Access app for iOS and Android (or see the "Get the Access App" box in this guide for QR codes). After installing, you will be prompted to sign in with your Access profile credentials. Please note the Access app is not yet optimized for viewing on iPad or tablet (although it can be installed on this device type and will display as phone size on-screen).


  1. You have 90 days of access before you will need to re-authenticate to your institution’s subscription through the library website, intranet or VPN. You will receive a reminder in-app when you need to reconnect to the subscription.
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